It’s hard to describe what Green Valley means to me. I’ve spent every single summer of my life here, literally growing up on Clear Lake. My grandparents started camping at the Burt’s property over 60 years ago. Four generations later, my daughter is growing up spending summers at this special place as well. We have made a lifetime of precious memories and we cherish the time we spend here. Green Valley is not only one of the most beautiful spots on the planet, it’s also a place where time seems to stand still. Kids can safely enjoy the simple fun of catching sunfish off the dock, climbing trees, catching frogs and swimming in the beautiful sand bottom lake. My most cherished times at Green Valley are spent relaxing by the lake or sitting around the campfire, laughing with lifelong friends. There’s a reason why everyone keeps coming back! There’s no place like Green Valley.
Melanie Bowen

What a wonderful destination! Get in your boat and travel to the numerous lakes of the Rideau. Experience fantastic fishing and observe the beauty of nature around you. Your accommodations in the quaint and comfortable Green Valley provides you with everything you need for your stay. Jan and Dave, your hosts, are always there to make sure your vacation is the absolute best.
Donna Derzock and Grace Spena

My favourite place on earth – my sanctuary – a place where all my problems of MY world go away – where family and great friends meet every year. I have great memories from the past 32 years on Clear Lake, and the tradition continues with my kids and now grandchildren. My little “piece of Heaven!” Nothing compares to sitting on the dock listening to the call of the Loon or sitting by the campfire at night, sharing stories and catching up on everyone’s past year – having picnics and having the most fantastic fish fries – witnessing some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. I will continue coming to Green Valley as long as I am able and hope that the family tradition that my parents started so many years ago, will continue long after I am gone.
And people wonder why I keep coming back year after year…..
Lori Harrison

Green Valley Cottages and Trailer Park has been our family vacation since 1980. We have found a little bit of paradise on Clear Lake, whether we are boating, fishing, swimming in the lake, or just sitting in the Adirondack chairs at the dock listening to the call of the loons or watching the amazing sunsets, there isn’t a better vacation spot to disconnect from the outside world and reacquaint yourself with family and friends.
Tracey Braymiller

Each year for the past fifty years we have looked forward to our family vacation in Burt’s cottages on the shore of Clear Lake. We now have four generations who sit in our circle of relaxation when they’re not busy fishing, swimming etc. The young ones call it their “heaven on earth” and count sleeps til time to go again next year.
Nancy Dell, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Long story short…I have been going to Green Valley for over 25 years. I have never missed a year even though I lived in California for 12 of those years! It is our sanctuary. Suffice it to say, I cannot imagine existing without at least one annual visit to Green Valley, nor can my wife! Diana enjoys hiking the area with our dog, and shopping all the wonderful stores throughout the entire Rideau Valley, and just sitting on the dock with a good book. Me….well….I go angling! Dave and Jan have become good personal friends as I am sure they do with all their guests. The cabins and grounds are kept immaculate and improvements are made every year. It just keeps getting better if that is possible, yet ironically….nothing ever changes!
Ron & Diana Capreol

Green Valley Cottages and Trailer Park is more than a campground… it’s my summer family. I have been coming to Green Valley since I was a little boy. Not only is the lake beautiful, the fishing fantastic and the facilities great but it’s also where I have made friendships that have lasted a lifetime. It’s a place where time stands still….rustic- a true Canadian camping experience but with modern amenities. It’s a place where your kids are safe to play and make new friends. A place where you can talk by the campfire or at the beach. Where you can disconnect from the every day. Thank you to the Burt family for being fabulous custodians of the little piece of Canadian paradise. 
Daryl Moore

As a lifetime visitor to Green Valley Campground there are several reasons I return there annually for my vacation. You will find it the most scenic, relaxing, and pristine vacation spot you can imagine. The grounds are immaculate, they are environmentally responsible, and the hospitality is incomparable. There is so much to do and see, something for all ages and energy levels. At Green Valley you can count on friendships that last through generations and come away with memories to last a lifetime.
Pattay Alexander

If I were ever asked to describe my experiences on Clear Lake, it would be nearly impossible to do so in only a few words. I’ve been visiting clear lake for 21 years, every summer of my life. I’ve made life long friends there, had some of the most memorable moments there with family and friends, learned how to swim and water ski and met some of the most amazing people you could ever meet. I could list so many great memories i have fishing, jet skiing, water skiing, cliff jumping, walking on the dirt roads at night, all the pictures on “the rock” (that we have from every year!), campfires, games, hanging out with my family, i could go on for days. I always will say if there is anywhere I could go, it would be staying at the campground. Nothing compares to waking up to hearing waves, boats leaving the docks and the beautiful sound of loons, then spending the day by the lake, watching some of the most amazing sunsets and finishing off the night by the campfire. The people who are there are who make it what it is. Its almost like a family reunion when I get there, I love walking through the campground and stopping to talk to everyone, I consider alot of the people extended family, most I’ve known my entire life. I can honestly say I’ve had some of the greatest times of my life there and the some of the happiest moments. My entire family looks forward to every vacation there. As soon as we leave i think we start counting down the months until the next summer! That is also what makes the place so special, that my whole family goes together. Nothing could top our memories. I love that i had the experience to spend my summer vacation there, and as long as i am able i will continue forever.
Abby Joseph

For generations now, my family has been going to Green Valley Cottages & Trailer Park. Over 45 years of beautiful, sunrises, sunsets and memories on Clear Lake. It is a great place to get to know other families, venture off to quaint surrounding villages or just relax on your own. Fantastic swimming, boating & fishing! I can’t say enough about the hospitality we have been shown over the years and the many life-long friendships we’ve made. My summer holiday at Burt’s is part of who I am. Sincerely,
Marg (Fahey) Wellum

As a young boy (9/10), I can remember our summer family vacations at Clear lake. Our parents would take 2 or 3 weeks off and head North to Canada. There we all got to enjoy things as a child and experience things that made these vacations so much fun and we all looked forward to coming back every year. As a boy I got to play softball every night, swim till I was wrinkled as a prune, water ski, fish, (when i could sit still long enough). Every night around dinner time all the kids in the park got to go work the farm, play in the hay and ride in the pickup or hay wagon. As a young boy I got to meet other boys/girls…from all over the place, and there parents and each year everyone would come back and renew our past friendships. As years past we/all that enjoy the lake have grown to be as close as true family.
Each year new folks would arrive and our group of friends continued to grow. Now over 40 years later I /we continue to return to share our time at the Lake. The parents relax and tell stories and reflect back on past events while the boys/girls that I grew up with now bring their children to create their own future memories. I sit back and watch my boy try to reinvent the wheel each summer as he grows. Every year he explores the park areas and plays games with the other children thinking that they have created a new event. Little does he know that his dad, ( me ) did the same stuff. At The Lake parents can relax knowing that no matter what the kids get into someone is watching and will set them straight and at the same time enjoy group get togethers such as Roasts/chicken bakes/and other such park activities. and at the end of the season whether it be a 1 week vacation, or a summer long holiday everyone says SEE YA NEXT YEAR! To each and every person that allowed me to grow up at the Lake, Thank you for the memories, and to everyone that has helped and watched as my son learn/enjoy/grow every summer, I say a special Thank You. See You Soon!!!!!!!!!!
Ken and Dalton Beach

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